pretty little things

When I moved into my apartment, it already had all of the furniture I needed, and even some knick knacks.  I wanted to utilize these little things in a creative way (and save money on jewelry storage that I know I’d eventually get sick of).  So I decided to dress up my antique solid cherry dresser and turn it into a girly display of my [embarrasing lack of] jewelry and other accessories.  I decided to blog about it after finally finding the perfect place to display my hot pink and gold scarf, a sweet gift from a friend when she visited India.

First, I upcycled a wall sconce and used it to hang all of my necklaces, using each arm as a way to sort them.Image

I used a crystal carafe for stacking my bangles and wrap bracelets, and a shallow antique Waterford dish for my beaded bracelets and cuffs.  I kept the box to my Michael Kors watch for safekeeping and as a way to display my watch in a pretty way whenever I’m not wearing it (which is almost never, obvi).


I used a gorgeous crystal glass as a sort of catch-all tray, for loose sequins, beads, and buttons, and for stud earrings.  Around the rim of the glass, I hang all of my pairs of drop earrings.  Next to this glass, I kept various boxes and bags as a sort of filler for the top of my dresser.


I am very proud of this creative display, especially because it is a good way to hold on to some of the valuables that once belonged to my family.



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