Over my much-needed three days off from work, I realized how much I hated the free time.  Because my work schedule is so opposite from friends’, and because a visit to my dad’s in NoVa was out of the question, I was forced to stay in RVA and make myself busy.  So with some spending money and my head buzzing with creative energy, I decided to continue working on my apartment!


I had only painted the wall around my bathroom door and had some pictures and art scattered on the wall, in hopes of growing my gallery wall on both sides of my bed.  I wanted more color, a more complex and crowded gallery wall, and I was in desperate need of a long mirror.



I painted both gallery walls in the same “Stony Path” color that I had used around my bathroom door.  I then took down my gallery wall next to my bathroom and incorporated the pictures into both of my gallery walls on either side of my bed.  Then I hung my new mirror on that blank wall and found a perfect spot for my mirror, with a cozy corner to put my bust form on display.





Total cost of this makeover?  $30!  The quart of paint cost $10, and my new mirror was only $20.

I am so amazed with how some wall color and some rearrangement of things completely transformed my apartment.  Ultimately, I think that my space looks more electic and artsy, which is my goal for this place 🙂

Up next, I’m looking for an amazing boho rug, dressing up my sitting area, and adding some fun drapes over my bed.



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  1. If you want to find some fun things to turn into an inexpensive, exciting DIY project, visit Class and Trash off of Jefferson Davis Hwy near Ashland. You’d love it in there.

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