Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 6.26.05 PMWhile I sadly put this blog on a hiatus, I was struggling with ideas for what to blog about.  That, combined with work, focusing on my art and starting a small business, I’ve had little to no free time and very little energy leftover.  As a result, I haven’t been as creative as I would like when it comes to getting dressed (for when I’m not at work).
Lately, I’ve been nursing (or babying, happily) my boyfriend after his surgery and my outfits have remained the same.  Then I realized that my outfits aren’t uninspired; they are just easy, comfortable and simple, and therefore an instinctual go-to for me.
Friends describe my wardrobe and my aesthetic as “boho”, but I prefer to call it simple.  Wearing just a tee and jeans is like a blank canvas for me, and I add expression to my simple outfit with stacks of bangles and layered necklaces, or an ornate scarf and ankle boots.
Although I do love expressing myself by mixing unexpected details, textures and patterns, I just love taking a break from the thought process of building a creative outfit.  The simple beauty of crisp white and the classic feel of a good pair of denim is a fail-proof pair.  So I have compiled some of my favorite tees, jeans, and scarves.   You may call it my uniform, but I call it classically pretty.
So, the next time I have a creative block in my busy brain, I’ll resort to a look that’s tried and true.  And you can expect more posts like this if I ever struggle with blog post ideas in the future.

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