wonderful week(s)

It’s been a long, lazy absent period from my blog since just before my Valentine’s Day getaway.  The weekend consisted of a wonderful gift, laid-back dinner at an amazing tapas bar, and enjoying our alone time, especially at the beach.



It’s been hectic since Valentine’s Day weekend!  The Monday after my weekend was my first day working in Jewelry (goodbye my beloved Savvy/tbd!), and I am already loving the new challenge working with beautiful watches and fashion jewelry and continuing to work by appointment with my best clients.


I walk every floor to look for any new arrivals so that I can see what is available for my clients, and also to selfishly shop for myself.  When I found these Valentino lookalikes, I didn’t hesitate.  I am always looking for chic shoes that can work with me during long days when I’m always on my feet and these are perfect.  And these will hold me over until I own actual Valentino someday 😉

IMG_5833 IMG_9868


I was extremely humbled and absolutely shocked to have been awarded Nordstrom All-Star.  I’ve proudly worked hard for this company for over a year and I am so humbled to know that this company loves me right back.  And on top of this, my beloved Claire (my muse and my model for my first garment) surprised me at work.  This day was easily one of the happiest days of my life.



As I previously mentioned, my close friend became engaged to her long-time love.  Britt, Merriweather and I enjoyed a long overdue brunch, where we received hilarious formal invitations to be a part of the bridal party.  Selfish fact: the wedding is the day before my birthday, so I’ll definitely be enjoying myself :))  I can’t wait to help with wedding planning again!

have a wonderful weekend!



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