ice blue

As you have probably noticed, my favorite color changes pretty often because colors are always grabbing my attention and surprising me, or they are simply pretty and comfortable.  Recently, I have been drawn to the relaxing, chilly hue of a serene ice blue.  It’s a suitable color that brings life to the dark neutrals of winter, and yet isn’t too inappropriately colorful in these late winter months.  Although I love the surprise of a vibrant color palette during resort season this time of year, I am more drawn to softer and more neutral hues, so this color is very welcome in my wardrobe.  I’ll be savoring this color as much as I can until spring brings blushes and all white ensembles.

Here are some of my favorite things in my new favorite color:

ice blue

ONLY short sleeve v neck tee
$27 –

Cameo drape coat
$210 –

Cameo frilly shorts
$150 –

I also found some older pieces in my closet that I’ve been loving too…
IMG_5742 IMG_5923 IMG_5966

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