caught catiemaxie’s eye

As you can imagine, Instagram is steadily turning more into a blur of reds and pinks, hearts and lips.  Not all of my favorites are Valentine’s Day related, however.  Here are the instas that jumped out of my feed this week:

feb5Dreamy sunsets and angry surf, courtesy of @herthelabel

Cute little crafts featured by @urbanoutfitters

@sophia_amoruso gracing the pages of @vanityfair in the March issue

Vibrant floral new arrivals at @nastygal

Crushing on @dallasshaw and considering this as my new hair for spring……

Minimalist yet beautiful art from my favorite @leighviner

Confusion between seasons, captured by @theeverygirl_

Cute romance from @juliahengel

Chocolate-dipped lace cookies, shared by @emilyschuman

Felicity Jones commanded my attention in this gorgeous shot, shared by @violetgrey

Flowers and chucks, by @sincerelyjules

Luxe and red by @laperlalingerie



5 thoughts on “caught catiemaxie’s eye

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