caught catiemaxie’s eye

I’m an Instagram addict, constantly checking my feed or posting a photo daily.  So I’ve decided to try a new series where I share Instagram photos that caught my eye as I scrolled down my feed.  My eyes can move very quickly down my feed, so these photos really struck me or inspired me in their own unique way.


Beautiful tropical foliage by @tularosalabel

A vibrant blue patterned fringe jacket worn by my favorite @sincerelyjules

A shot of the setup of the Dior Couture show, from @voguemagazine

Adorable shot of the surprising new face of Karen Walker, @toastmeetsworld, shared by @elleusa

Fierce Karlie Kloss at the Versace show, shared by @rachelzoe

Serene waves shared by @herthelabel

Beauty in movement, Versace Atelier, from @elleusa

The classic and sexy “She’s a Knockout” bra, from @forloveandlemons

Obviously struck by the beautiful ombre tresses (duh) and simple striped tunic, a depiction of “Nautical Bohemian” by @ralphlauren

Beautiful blooms captured by @lianneski

Striking, bold black and white by @designsponge

Racy, fierce, floral style and an announcement of the launch of “Pacific Getaway”, the Spring 15 collection by @forloveandlemons

Expect me to share more Instagrams soon!  Follow me! @catiemaxie



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