wonderful week: jan. 11, 2015

This week has flown by!  Here are some things that made my week:


I’m a typical white girl who loves her candles, but have struggled finding one that is me.  I found this incredible tuberose-scented candle that smells just as wonderful as Diptyque, but a fraction of the cost.  It’s been burning in my apartment all week!  I’m a very happy girl!


old projects

I found another old sketchbook of mine with old fashion sketches and other drawings from years ago.  It’s interested to see how my artistic style has changed, but my design ideas have stayed somewhat true.   I cannot stress enough how important it is to put EVERYTHING on paper!

IMG_3400 { pencil sketch in an old sketchbook }

I have also been having fun drafting simple draped patterns on my mannequin and experimenting with my new sewing machine.  It feels liberating to force myself to find time to do something that makes me so happy. I have a lot of work to do, but I’m excited to get started!


IMG_2254 IMG_8334

{ currently draping with draft fabric and hoping to use satin for the finished product }


I’ve been looking for the perfect pink lip because I’m anxiously awaiting spring.  MAC “Pink Plaid” is a nice pale pink matte, but NARS “Sex Machine” is the prettiest pink (with the naughtiest name).  I also treated myself and bought (and love) NARS “The Multiple” because it gives my face the perfect amount of radiance (try “Copacabana”!).


Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 1.20.44 AM IMG_3504


Saturday was an exhausting day at work that concluded with a much-needed night out with friends.  I rediscovered my love for whiskey, the underestimated convenience and luxury of Uber, and how blessed I am to have such wonderful friends.


I’ve been trying to be more responsible financially and unfortunately I am forcing myself to tighten my budget when it comes to additions to my wardrobe.  I’ve been in serious need of good denim that feels sturdy, looks amazing, and can move with me wherever I go.   I ordered a pair of Levi’s (an idea from a friend), and they truly feel like an imitation pair of rag&bone jeans (fyi: I’ve been lusting over the high rise skinny style).  They are the perfect length, density, comfort, and make me look and feel sexy.  Who knew?!

What made your week???  Have a wonderful weekend!

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