black booties

 I’ve been embarrassingly picky while shopping for something so simple: black booties.  I’m not a real “shoe girl” because I focus more on statement clothes, so I always gravitate towards simpler shoe styles.  My requirements?  First, I wanted a flat pair, possibly Chelsea-style, with an edgier vibe that would look sexy with cuffed black denim or a flowy mini dress.  I need my boots to work with me: be comfortable without sacrificing sexiness or versatility.  They work with every look that I can create from my wardrobe, while being comfortable because Im standing on my feet all day and need a break from heeled shoes.

Second, I want a heeled pair that is manageable to walk and stand in for 7+ hours.  Short shaft height, almond toe (pointy can look hooker-ish and round can be too casual), thick heel, and minimal details.  While most girls are drawn to snake print, stiletto heels, or bold buckles, I prefer to keep it simple.

Click below to shop some of my favorites!

black booties

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