wonderful week: jan. 4, 2015

As mentioned in my last post, I’ve decided that I need to dedicate more time to my creative projects, including this blog.  So starting this week (conveniently the first week of 2015), I will be posting about people/things/occurrences that influenced or inspired me, or simply just made me happy that week.  I encourage you to reflect on your week and look for inspiration, too!


I’ve received wonderful, positive, and interesting feedback from my last blog post, the first of 2015.  I want to blog about things that inspire me and make me happy, but I also am curious to see what you want to read!  Keep the feedback coming, people!


coachella lineup

The Coachella lineup was announced on Tuesday and I couldn’t be more impressed,  I’m a huge fan of all three of the headliners (um hi, Drake) and the eclectic mix of all of the other performers will surely make for a kickass and memorable 2015.  Go ahead and argue the font sizes, but I am just happy with who’s performing and I can’t wait to begin following the performers that I’m unfamiliar with.  Visit the official Coachella site to learn more!


shopping and sales

Post-Christmas is an awkward time for many reasons.  First, it’s resort season, so most people who aren’t fashion savvy scratch their heads and ask me why bright colors are making an appearance in January.  Because the rich and fabulous go on vacation to escape the cold this time of year and because fashion is constantly moving forward, duh.  Bright colors and lighter silhouettes are refreshing this time of year, especially when we’re surrounded by heavy sweaters and unattractive outerwear.  Second, everything is getting returned.  Gift givers who were confused and desperate for those people on their list that they almost forgot, didn’t succeed in their gift-giving attempts and the recipients are unimpressed and ungrateful (gasp).  So there’s an ugly mix of goods that are second-choice at most stores.  But that leads to good news: clearance sales.  So I treated herself to some retail therapy today.  I stocked up on things that are season-appropriate and reasonably priced.  (Look out for a later post about what I bought and where to shop!)

january nordstrom catalog

Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 6.42.59 PM

Speaking of resort season, the January Nordstrom catalog is now available!  The catalog’s featuring of vibrant and pastel hues, crisp and light silhouettes, open-toed shoes, swimwear, etc. is very refreshing and motivational for this ugly and uncomfortable time of year.  I’m currently lusting for some Sam Edelman sandals and the new floral Marc Jacobs handbag collection.  (sigh)  Click the image to start shopping!

blake lively had a baby

My queen and forever girl crush had a little girl with hot husband Ryan Reynolds.  Now take a second to think of how stunning, sweet, talented, gorgeous, fabulous, fashionable (etc. etc. etc.)  that baby will be.  She tastefully announced her pregnancy on her Preserve lifestyle site and hasn’t formally announced the birth or the baby’s name.  So humble, low-key, fabulous…could she be any more PERFECT?!  Congrats to that flawless woman!

new season of the bachelor! 

I’m not gonna comment any more about this because I’m semi-embarrassed to say that I watch this show……..

surprise in the mail

Immediately after publishing my last blog post about my goals for this year, I treated myself to a brand new sewing machine.  And it came in the mail TODAY!  I’m not working tomorrow, so I’ll be drafting and experimenting with some designs that I’ve been brainstorming.  This could potentially be the start of my future as a designer!  Eeeeek!!!!  Catiemaxie starts now!

Have a wonderful week!



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