Well, retail during the holiday season has taken over my life and blogging and other enjoyable past times haven’t happened, simply because I’m too tired all the time.  But being more dedicated to my blog is one of my resolutions for the new year 🙂

As rehearsed as it may sound, I truly like gifting more than receiving Christmas gifts.  I just love thrilling close family and friends with gifts they didn’t even know they ever mentioned wishing for.  I pay close attention to every conversation I have with a loved one — especially before birthdays or the holidays — and I listen even more closely when thoughts begin with “I really need/want ____” or “what do you think of ____”, etc.

I’ve compiled a list of pretty little items that I’ve wanted selfishly (I won’t say which ones), and other items that I think are just sweet to give and share between friends.

Screen Shot 2014-12-23 at 11.58.13 AM

1.  embellished iPhone case ($28) – for the klutz (aka me) who is always dropping and shattering the glass on her iPhone, but refuses to buy a fugly Lifeproof case

2.  druzy stone earrings ($18) – druzy stone is beautiful without looking so expensive or serious as regular faceted gems and jewelry

3.  gold trim gate stone coasters ($130) – seriously lusting for these. beautiful and unconventional and earthy, all in one

4.  metallic leather tassel keyring ($28) – for your friend who has a giant purse/bottomless pit and is always losing her keys

5.  embellished clutch ($39 –ON SALE!) – perfect for going downtown, and even more perfect for NYE

6.  fortune teller papers ($16) – clever and almost nostalgic, and is perfect between friends

7.  voluspa “vermeil” scented candle trio ($50) – everyone loves candles, so no explanation necessary

8.  madewell portable phone charger ($30) – a lifesaver for everyone who drains the life out of their phone

9.  lucite monogram letter ($68) – lucite is cool and this is a great item for a bookcase, desk, or blank shelf

10.  ralph lauren hammered bangle set ($49) – bangles are always simple and feminine

If you have absolutely no idea what to get a loved one, it doesn’t hurt to think selfishly and give them something that you find fascinating or beautiful, or maybe have always wanted for yourself.  I sometimes resort to this because I think that we save our best ideas for ourselves and run out of ideas when it comes to shopping for others.  If all else fails, get them something sentimental (a photo in an intricate and beautiful frame), something handmade and original (a cute DIY craft), or just buy a candle (because everyone loves candles, duh).

Happy Holidays (and happy gifting)!



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