A girl’s ritual for getting ready (face, hair, makeup, etc.) is something that us girls take pretty seriously (because sometimes it takes more time and focus than we would care to admit).  But, a girl’s bathroom or vanity should be a place that makes her feel like a goddess as she’s taking care of herself.  Whether it’s before she starts her day, getting ready for a night out, or unwinding and relaxing in the evening.  So, I personally take time to keep my bathroom as glamorous as possible, to make myself feel even better as I’m doing my beauty routines.

– display&organize  – 

Floating shelves topped with pretty things, like candle votives, pretty perfumes, and a decorative container for nail polish is a way to decorate your space and make it feel more like a vanity.  Displaying perfumes and nail polishes in a beautiful way is much better than hiding them in a plastic storage container under the sink.

– try a pretty jewelry box (via pinterest) or a decorative candle votive (my way) to hold your nail polishes.

polishpinterest                     nailpolish

position your perfumes as if you were in the fragrance department of your favorite luxury retailer

perfumepinterest                     perfume

Decorative trays are a great place to put all of your smaller items and knick knacks.  Also, be creative in how you keep small items that can get lost easily; forget those ugly plastic drawers or organizers!

traypinterest                IMG_2499


(I keep my bobby pins in a small embellished candle votive)


(I put my best makeup on display in a vintage Waterford crystal dish)

– decorate –

Just like you would with any other room, decorate your bathroom or vanity with a design idea or theme. My theme is “boho glam” and I look for bright whites and metallic silvers, and incorporate different finishes and textures, like fringe and mirrored mosaic glass (even my trash can is silver with mosaic glass detailing).  I want to keep a neutral color scheme to really create a relaxing, spa-like feel.  The beauty is in the details, people.

  IMG_2497 IMG_2500 IMG_2492 IMG_2485

– update –

Always find new ways to freshen up your space to keep it exciting.  Try switching out towels, shower curtains, countertop accessories, or even put some fresh flowers by a window.

IMG_2486 IMG_2487

(I switched out my boring textured white shower curtain for a medallion patterned one that enhanced my “boho glam” theme)

I think that I’m speaking for most women when I say that we want to look our best before we leave the house (with the exception for the occasional and much-needed bum day).  So take time and enjoy your personal beauty routine in a space that makes you look forward to it every day.  Your bathroom or vanity is your own personal space, so make it into a space that makes you feel more like a goddess than you already are.



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