For a while now, I’ve been missing being able to create wearable garments.  It’s been frustrating because I have an industry-grade bust form, a cheap beginner sewing machine (to hold me over until I save up for a fancier model), some drafted patterns, gorgeous fabrics, and all of my sewing supplies.  All I’ve needed was to find a good spot in my apartment that had plenty of natural light and enough space to create a functional (and cute) station for me to work on my garments.  Oh, and a decent sized working surface with storage would be helpful, too.

I picked to put my work station in front of the half wall next to my stairs, where I previously had an antique secretary’s desk that I never used.  So i moved my bust form, sewing supplies and basket full of fabrics, and all I needed was a good desk or working table.  I spent an embarrassing amount of time online shopping but they were either too expensive, too dated-looking, or just didn’t seem to fit in my eclectic apartment.  So I lost my Craigslist virginity and browsed through posts looking for desks.  I finally stumbled upon one with a shabby chic feel, some missing knobs and scratched surfaces, and a fabulous price.  It’s perfect. 



I immediately went to World Market and bought a handful of mismatched ceramic knobs to replace the heinous white pulls with their rusted bolts.


Finally, all that was left to make my work station more complete was to find a rug to help visually designate my work station from the rest of my apartment and its open floor plan.  I went back to World Market (I’m obsessed) and found a colorful rug that was plush, colorful, boho, and would give a creative and vibrant feel to my work station.  It also fits in beautifully with the rest of my eclectic apartment.





I feel so motivated now to continue working on my line, all because I now have a nice comfortable place to work.  I’m pumped to begin working on garments again!  Look out for future posts featuring my original designs! 🙂






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