Summer can either consist of days off that are filled with adventure, or boring dog days that leave you wanting to do nothing but lay around and drink light beer and cat nap all day. But, with my work schedule being so opposite from everyone else’s, I am trying to keep myself busy and motivated by continuing to work on new projects.

I’ve been on the lookout for smaller pieces of furniture with intricate details to continue to make my apartment look more eclectic. I’ve always lusted over Middle Eastern styling, whether it’s picture of architecture or colorful textiles. So when I was browsing Urban Outfitters looking for some chairs or small pieces of furniture, I stumbled upon two different tables that grabbed my attention.

Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 9.40.49 PM Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 9.41.43 PM

The first had a wonderful color and intricate cutouts, but I was worried about the tinny-ness in my cozy apartment, so I fell in love with the second table I saw.  It still had that Moroccan flair with its careful detailing and the collapsible option was an added benefit.

Living on a tight budget makes it pretty difficult to decorate my apartment exactly the way I want to. So fast forward to this past week when I stopped by Urban Outfitters for their summer sale.  And wtf, I saw my table on sale for $45.  So, I snatched it up, awkwardly carried it around the store and took it home, and immediately got to work.  The color is pretty strange looking, and I really wanted to add a pop of color and some additional Middle Eastern flair, so I simply repainted it.

IMG_1129 IMG_1130 IMG_1131

I was thrilled that I had another excuse to use “Radiant Orchid”, Pantone’s Color of the Year.  Plus this color really helped add some worldliness to my new table.  All that was left was to decorate it.  So I simply added a mirrored plate and some scented candles and now it fits perfectly in my apartment.  And what happens if I get sick of the color?  I have no problem sanding my table and staining or painting it a more neutral color because that’s the beauty of being crafty.

IMG_1133 IMG_1143



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