I’ve been busy lazy with keeping up with my blog because I’ve been at work and enjoying my favorite month of the year…not for narcissistic reasons (my birthday is May 15th), but because May is just so wonderful.  March is chilly and drags on forever, April is rainy and uneventful, and May is the perfect month because the temperature comes up to a tolerable level, the flowers are at full bloom, friends come home from school and families are reunited, etc.

This month was truly special for many reasons…

…threw a beautiful and loving bridal shower for my best friend

The bridesmaids and I spent weeks trying to plan the shower, when the matron of honor and I decided to throw a derby-themed shower.  It fits Lexie perfectly: she’s a preppy, Southern good girl, and I selfishly have always wanted to go to the races (lol) and this theme seemed unique, classy, and happy for an important celebration.  For one of her gifts, I decided to be creative and design a feminine monogram of her new initials, something she can hang over her dresser or place on her vanity in her new house.  Also, it doesn’t hurt that her new monogram is so symmetrical and aesthetically pleasing.  I am so excited for Lexie!


…celebrated 2 birthdays in one weekend

My boyfriend and I both turned 24 within eight days of each other.  Unfortunately, he was out of town for mine, but I was able to see him a few days after and then by the next weekend, he was back in RVA.  I think I did a pretty good job of planning his birthday festivities that Friday, which consisted of lunch at Legends brewery (complete with one of the best views of RVA), exploring downtown, and him spoiling me by taking us to dinner at The Boathouse to celebrate both of our birthdays.  That weekend was perfect.

IMG_0495  IMG_0507 IMG_0508

…got 24 off to a good start

At work, I wanted to be a typical birthday diva and have a new outfit, but that just didn’t happen.  So I wore some of my favorite pieces, including a leather jacket, a simple white NastyGal dress that I wore to my senior formals, and my studded jelly flats.  But, I treated myself to a new top and accessories for when it came to going out….When Cam is away, Catiemaxie gets to play.  The night after my birthday, which was conveniently a Friday, I went out with one of my best girl friends.  We thought it would be a night of meeting friends at a bar, but it snowballed into a bar crawl and I wouldn’t change anything about that night.




May is going to be hard to top, but I’m optimistic that the rest of June will be fun.  Promise to blog again soon!




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