met gala

I was closing last night at work and had to miss out on all of the fun.  No, not Cinco de Mayo.  As soon as I got home, I poured myself a glass of wine and played catch-up by researching the arrivals on the red carpet.

The Met Gala is one of my favorite nights of the year.  For some reason, the Oscars and other awards shows just don’t quite do it for me the same way that the Met Gala does.  Here are some of the looks that really impacted me last night.

best of: black & white

Image This power couple actually didn’t look sickening in their matching cream ensemble.  The minimalism of black and white/cream goes a long way here, especially with Victoria’s simple silhouette from her collection.  My only complaint is Victoria’s faux tan is WAY too much.

Image I’m not on the Beyonce train like everyone else, but seeing her with a simple hairstyle and makeup, along with a classic color like black, made me admire her because she stuck to something simple and classic and not something drowning in sequins.  All this queen really needed was a plunging neckline and a date in a crisp white jacket and she nailed it.

ImageI’m not ashamed to admit that this is one of the couples that I loo the most forward to every Met Gala.  Maybe it’s because Gisele is such a knockout in everything she’s worn in years past, but Tom always complements her so perfectly and they look happy and beautiful together.  Ok, that’s basically all I had to say.

Image Cara’s black bondage crop top with white skinny trousers, iconic dark brows and pin up curls won my approval.  It was refreshing to see someone wear pants instead of a gown and I think that Cara would have been one of few to think of this and actually pull it off.

Image Rihanna and Cara must’ve Snapchatted when they were getting ready because their outfits were almost too coincidental with their crop tops and black/white color scheme.  I wish RiRi’s hair didn’t look like Helena Bonham Carter, I wish I had her abs, and I wish she and Cara would date.

best of: pinks

Image Besides Gisele and Tom, Blake is the arrival that I look most forward to, because of her personal styling that just kills it year after year.  Her retro-glam curls are reminiscent of her red carpet arrival at the “Savages” L.A. premiere and this blush gown is unlike anything I’ve ever seen her wear before.  All hail Queen Blake.

Image Regina George definitely didn’t look fugly in a classic and understated gown from Ralph Lauren Collection.  My only wish is that she could have done something more with her hair or makeup so that she didn’t look like a single, hot MILF or something.

Image I was actually impressed with Emma Stone.  Her hair color is no longer awkward, the fishtail was youthful yet subtly elegant, and I enjoyed seeing her face look dewey and fresh (because for some reason I always envision her as looking too done up or constipated).  The dress fit her beautifully and looked incredible on her and was very appropriate for someone her age; she didn’t try to look too mature but she also didn’t sacrifice elegance.

winner’s circle

Image Oh my god, the ombre, the mermaid skirt, the detailing throughout!  This dress was so incredible to look at and it looked incredible on Naomi Watts, who perfected it with simple hair and makeup.

Image I’m not sure what I like best about this dress: the fact that its so simple and elegant, that it’s Topshop, or that Kendall Jenner actually looks classy and unrelated to the Kardashians.  Her puffy hair kinda ruins it for me though and I blame Kim for that.

Until next year!



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