WOWOWOWOW I’ve seriously been slacking on blogging, but it’s mainly because my life has been embarrassingly uneventful. Ugh.

When I have days off, I savor them in one of two ways: being worthless by lounging around my apartment all day, or getting outside to shop or spend some time in Richmond.  Recently, before I left to go to go bar hopping in Charlottesville with an old friend, I visited Carytown with a glam coworker because I was looking to sell some old clothes and look for some thrifty new pieces.  She told me about Ashby and I was excited to finally visit.


It was very cozy inside, with clothes, shoes, and accessories neatly organized, but the store was laid out in a way that you find yourself wandering and zig-zagging throughout the store so that you don’t overlook anything.  I sold some things for a decent amount and bought a designer dress (It’s a surprise!  Blog post about it soon!) and some accessories that I desperately needed.



Next, Tosha and I stopped by Need Supply, Co., which is easily one of my favorite retailers that I’ve ever visited. And that’s saying a LOT.



Maybe it’s one of my favorites because of its minimalistic yet edgy styles, neutral colors, and its bare, industrial-style interior?  I can’t decide, but it’s absolutely wonderful…mainly because it’s a simpler, more chic, and less dirty/grungy cousin of Urban Outfitters.  Also, I always have the best luck when I shop the sale section (i.e. sick gold-foil dress and nude leather/satin shorts).  This time, I found a baby pink maxi t-shirt dress with interesting cuts: a scoop in the back, and two front slits.  The pink color and maxi silhouette made it very boho, the slits made it sexy, and the broken-in cotton made it cozy and effortless.  Needless to say, I wore it to work the next day, not even worrying about the possible raciness of the slits.


It’s so funny how it’s the little things, like accessories or a $20 dress at your favorite store, that can energize you when you don’t even realize it.  The new necklaces have made me less frustrated about my pathetic jewelry collection, and make my outfits looks and feel more complete.  Also, the maxi dress makes me feel pretty on days when I’m exhausted.  So, my solution for long and dreary days or weeks?  Go shopping!  They don’t call it retail therapy for nothing.



Oh, and to make my day even more wonderful, Tosha, Bri and I stopped my Copolla’s and ate outside (because apparently almost all outdoor restaurants are still stubborn about allowing dogs).  But, it was still a fabulous gf date.  Shopping, Carytown, food, dogs, and sunshine are a few of my favorite things.

Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 12.36.35 PM




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