how to: coachella pt. 2


Wow, I didn’t get to write a subsequent blog post as soon as I hoped (oops).  But guess what?!  Coachella Weekend 1 is this coming weekend!  As promised, here is another blog post dedicated to my personal life goal, featuring some suggested shoes and other accessories.


As you know, the concerts at Coachella last all day in the desert, so shades are a must.  Add some chic to your all boho ensemble with a pair of Celine cat eye frames (1), or keep it casual with Ray-Ban aviators (2) or leopard-print round frames (3).

Now moving on to hair accessories.  If you’re like me and cursed with a frizzy mane in extreme heat or humidity (imagine the pre-pubescent Hermoine Granger), keep your tresses under control with an Urban Outfitters floral headband (4), NastyGal wide-brimmed hat (5), or boho head scarf (6).

Now, for all Coachella-goers and enthusiasts, you’d be a dumbass to wear anything with a high heel all day.  So save yourself and your feet without sacrificing style by choosing a cute Frye sandal (7), NastyGal bootie (8), or a hybrid of both from Jeffery Campbell (9), so you can spend the day dancing and drinking in the California desert.

Finally, you’re gonna need something to pocket your sneaky little flask of alcohol, your sunglasses, some sunscreen, and your other necessities (maybe a Sharpie so The 1975 can autograph your boobs).  I recommend a colorful eclectic bag (10) to carry all of your things.

Look out for another post before Weekend 1 begins!



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