how to: coachella pt. I


Going to Coachella has always been on the top of my bucket list, but living on a tight postgrad budget has made it hard to make my dream come true.  So this year, I will be lying in my bed in self-pity, while Coachella-goers spend the weekend listening to indie music, getting tan, and potentially meeting their celebrity soulmate (i.e. Aaron Paul and Lauren Parkesian).  But for now, I can think happy Coachella thoughts by publishing a series of blog posts about this California/indie wonderland.






For those of you who know me best, Coachella is everything I live for: indie music, long tresses, bronzed skin, eyelet and sequins, fringe and flowers, etc.  My love for Coachella was even validated with a fun quiz that I found on the NastyGal blog.


I’m Coachella, duh.

So in the first part of my Coachella series, I decided to use Polyvore to come up with bottoms that would make any girl look and feel like an indie princess, destined to meet her Hollywood beau.


(1) Rag & Bone boyfriend shorts (2) H&M imitation leather shorts (3) Malene Birger printed shorts (4) Madewell deck shorts (5) Topshop printed shorts (6) NastyGal flared jeans 

As you can see, there are no rules at Coachella…except “the more indie/boho, the better”.  So combine flawy silhouettes or distressed denim with bohemian complements and you’re set to last a music-filled weekend under the Cali sun.

Check back this week as I continue to [obsess over and] share my personal ideas and inspirations for a weekend at Coachella.



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