So, in honor of spring and loving Pantone’s Color of the Year, I decided to experiment with Radiant Orchid and help add some color and trendiness to my apartment.  I need to stray away from safe neutrals and soft colors if I want my apartment to be as eclectic and boho as I imagine it to be.



I decided to focus on my alcove-turned-wardrobe, an ingenious little project that I did in 10 minutes, immediately after moving in and realizing I didn’t have an actual closet (awkward).  The single curtain intentionally exposes some of the clothes peeking out from one of the sides of my wardrobe, so I decided to have some fun and introduce the bright orchid color in a fun pattern.  This way, a pop of an unexpected color in a fun pattern can be seen from anywhere in my apartment.  And if I hated it?  Then I can buy another curtain and keep them shut until I repainted my wardrobe.  So, this project wasn’t a huge risk at all.


I had previously hand cut this stencil when I painted my old bathroom years ago, and I thought the girliness of the damask was a nice addition to my earthier vibes in the apartment.  All I did was sponge the damask pattern in random spots on the wall to get as random of an arrangement as possible, because I didn’t want my wall to look like girly wallpaper.



I am so happy with my new wardrobe/changing room.  It’s much more feminine and elegant and I love using my changing room even more now than before.  I love that this orchid color ties together other little details, like an ikat throw pillow on my couch and the Indian scarf on my dresser.  Basically, introducing an obnoxiously bright color into my apartment was a huge jump for me (go me!).


I really encourage anyone who flirting with the idea an unusual paint color to try it in a small space and in a random unexpected pattern.  I think that you will be pleasantly surprised with it!  It can bring you out of your decor comfort zone and add some life to your space.  Plus, it’s not a huge investment in money or time!



p.s. Let me know if you would like to see a tutorial on cutting stencils!

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