So I always lust over fringed necklaces on etsy (especially ombre dipped ones OMG), but have never bought one.  I have PLENTY of fringe left over from my bathroom decorating and from a garment I’m currently working on, so I got to work.

Before – a fugly AE choker necklace that I bought when I was 18 or 19 because my naive self thought “omg it’s so edgy”.  But what no one actually told me was how it actually looked more like a dog collar wrapped in burlap ribbon.


I simply unwrapped the ribbon that was woven through the large silver links and, luckily, the interwoven chains were left unharmed, adding some fun decorative detail to the plain silver chain.


After – I sewed the edge of the fringed trim to the links of the choker, which was incredibly easy (but I plan to replace the ivory thread I used with clear fishing line).  I am now the proud creator and owner of a fringed bib choker necklace, with some added detailing.  It cost me absolutely nothing to make and it’s exactly what I wanted (and now looks nothing like a dog collar).




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