Ok, so this past Saturday was Shamrock the Block in downtown RVA and I had to work until close.  I don’t know if it was because I had no green in my wardrobe or if I was being stubborn and rebelling against St. Patty’s, but I ended up wearing my new Topshop bodycon skirt to work to lift my spirit.  Because dressing originally (aka like a Persian rug) is better than when everyone else is wearing the same color, right?


The weather on Saturday was sunny, warm, and fabulous so a cotton midi in a bright color palette seemed like an obvious choice.  The versatility of the skirt’s length and rise was fun to play with too, so I made the skirt higher waisted to wear with my Leith midi tube top while at work, then showed some bare midriff when I went for drinks later that night.

To make my day even better, BP was having a free DIY workshop on head wraps, complete with gorgeous scraps of turquoise fabric.  All of the girls I worked with joined in and we all rocked our head wraps that day, getting compliments from customers.  Another added benefit was that the headwrap helped with my frizzy baby hairs.



All in all, Saturday wasn’t that bad after all.  I put in a lot of work that day, had fun with friends that night, and wore a brand new outfit that I loved.  My liver is probably relieved I didn’t go to Shamrock the Block, either.



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