This was one of the easiest and cheapest decorating projects I’ve done so far and I love how a random idea turned out so perfectly.  I love bohemian styling and pretty trims and when I drew a blank on how to decorate a small bathroom that I wanted to keep simple and serene, I decided to repurpose fringe trim and use it for home decor, instead of for clothing detailing.


I knew I wanted a “boho chic” vibe in my bathroom, complete with a simple color palette, some eclectic candle votives, bright white towels, etc.  I didn’t think I wanted curtains, so I thought that fringe trim would give the texture of a window treatment, but the visual artsiness of wall art.  I decided that I wanted a bright white fringe to pop against my khaki walls and to match my white vanity and woodwork throughout my bathroom.  But, after I draped and nailed the white fringe to my wall, it was way too plain and one dimensional, so I went back and ordered more fringe, but this time in 4″ silver.


The different lengths and colors of the fringe adds more dimension and lots of visual appeal to my walls.  Plus, the minimalistic white, with a pop of metallic silver, definitely helps to add the “boho glam” style that I want for my bathroom.


I now love my bathroom.  It’s far from finished but right now I think its a relaxing yet feminine place for me to get ready every morning.



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