work and play

Before graduating this past December, I wondered what I was going to do after I graduated.  I wouldn’t have the resources I needed to continue to work on a personal line or to continue building my portfolio…not just for the purpose of showing to future employers, but for my own personal happiness and sanity.


Welllllllllll in the employee hallway, two bust forms were put out for sale to employees and they were industry-standard bust forms typically used for pattern making and draping, aka about $700 each.  I asked around and finally bought mine for $75. This is unreal. I don’t think any of you understand my excitement (and I don’t expect you to, either)


After I brought her home, I immediately got to work and began draping my fabrics that I had saved from school.  Currently, I am working on pieces to submit in the fashion show in April when I return to school for a few days.  Regardless of what I’m working on, I can’t even express the calm and the happiness I feel when I’m working with fabrics and being creative.  Stay tuned and I’ll happily show you my progress on various personal projects.



Catie Maxie

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