I’m currently obsessing over filling my gallery wall to full capacity.  I had an empty cheap picture frame and instead of filling it with a photograph, I wanted to fill it with art, but didn’t have anything to fill the 5×7 frame.  So, because of my love for makeup and my wanting to make something creative, I came up with an easy and slightly romantic/sexy/girly DIY project.

 Screen Shot 2014-02-21 at 12.18.07 AM

I was disappointed to realize the lack of shades of lipstick that I had, but luckily I had enough hues to add some versatility to my project.  The lipsticks I used include: MAC “Media”, Maybelline “Red Revival”, and Revlon “Pink Cognito”.


After 3 applications of lipstick, and embarrassingly careful placement of my lips to paper, I carefully tore my sketchbook paper into 5×7 size and put into the frame.  Now, I am so pleased seeing the continued difference in artistic styles on my gallery wall.

I also just recently found this photo on Pinterest, showing the same idea.

Image (via Pinterest)



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