stony path

Slowly but surely, I’m making my apartment my own expression of self.  I want it to be cozy, eclectic, warm, and hopefully reflect myself to others when I have visitors.  To start off, I was blessed with solid cherry furniture, which definitely helps to make my place look esteemed and very grown-up.  I have taken some antique paintings, frames, and wall decor and moved those around, and even thrown some new throw pillows onto my goose down sofa.  And yet, I was still unsatisfied with how boring and mature my place seemed, when I want it to be colorful and youthful.


I decided that the best solution was to consider changing the wall color, so I took to Pinterest for some color inspiration. I knew I wanted a cooler color palette and a shade that would be aesthetically pleasing year-round.  I finally came across a thumbnail of a paint swatch of Valspar’s “Stony Path” and picked up a swatch to bring home.


What do you know, I fell in love with the sage color, bought a sample for $3, and painted one of the angled walls in my apartment within two hours.  Later, I plan to paint both gallery walls (on the same side of my apartment as the bathroom) the same color, but making sure to preserve some of the crisp white walls that I already have.



Catie Maxie

p.s. Found this description of sage green especially entertaining…

Screen Shot 2014-02-04 at 11.16.19 AM (via The Perfect Palette, Pinterest)

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