Hi, friends!  For those of you who don’t know me, I am an enthusiast for fashion, life, and all things that are fun and creative.  I recently graduated from Virginia Tech and am now living back at home in Richmond in a cozy little apartment that is currently my favorite personal project.  My time is consumed with two jobs: working full-time in fashion retail, and being a closet artist.  I constantly have creative ideas and love expressing myself through different mediums: fashion, hair and beauty, art, and so on.  I’m hoping to further develop and expand my artistic abilities and to find new ways to use my constant flow of creative energy.

I’m finally dipping my toes into blogging, after being in a committed relationship with Instagram and realizing I wanted to take things to the next level.  With this blog, I hope to inspire others to see life in new and creative ways and to see life more artistically and beautifully.  My blog will consist of the following:

  • fashion — Richmond “street style”, my own outfits, DIY’s and other tips, and some personal projects involving my own original designs
  • hair and beauty — do’s and don’ts, DIYs, classic how-to’s, and new ideas
  • home decor — a lot of this will involve my slow decorating and nesting in my cozy apartment
  • art — DIY’s and other projects that are easy, fun, and inexpensive
  • inspiration — I will occasionally mention some of my favorite artists, bloggers, and fashion enthusiasts
  • life — I will share some of my own little life moments that I hope will bring you the same happiness that they bring me

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